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Sasha: “I love the fact that the show takes you everywhere. I used to joke and say that it was like Scooby Doo. Where we’d have this adventure and our little team would get in our NCIS van and drive to a location and uncover a murder. But it’s a little true, because I think that, you get to go to so many different places and we would travel the world and we would be involved in many different things, which is what the real NCIS do.”

NCIS: Building the team

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Don: “We went through a search to find Sasha Alexander. We had somebody else and I hired Sasha after work she did on a show in which she played a plastic surgeon. And I liked her for that.”

Sasha: “The first time I met with Don Bellisario was just a general meeting to discuss the character that he was going to write and that he had in mind. And I think he’s a person that just works with his instinct. You either click with him, or you don’t. And we clicked from the moment that we met. And so, then it was just about having chemistry with Mark Harmon and the two of us finding the characters and what worked with them, and so we read together.”

Chas: “The Kate character had a lot of great things in it, but I think Sasha, in playing the Kate character, really brought a kind of intelligence. And a wit about what she did. And I think Sasha in her own personality really felt a lot like there were certain things she would or would not do, and I think that that’s what she brought to Kate, there was a order to life.”

Sasha: “When they sent me the pilot episode of NCIS, because I wasn’t in the initial pilot and I joined when the season started, what appealed to me were the characters, they were very likeable, the look of the show was appealing, it was crisp, it had just a kind of fluid look to it, I liked watching it. I liked the team aspect of the show, all the characters felt very distinctive and different, and yet they were all working towards a goal. And my favorite part, tonally about the show was the comedy. And I think in the first two episodes that I was not in, the comedy wasn’t as clear, but it was there. I could hear just some of the dialogue, and what it had, it had the potential to do.”

NCIS: Building the team.


NCIS: Creating season 1

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9 pictures of Sasha Alexander

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Queen Alexander at the College Television Awards

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