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"This song is about appreciating the moment, living your life appreciating people you have in your life”


Tony DiNozzo mastering the art of being sneaky

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Gina L. Monreal: “..and it really was a love story. It’s just so neat that we got to tell this love story over the years and then we got to pay a tribute to it in the finale episode. In a show like this it’s sort of rare and it’s really special that we got to tell that love story.

Michael Weatherly: “With the departure of Cote de Pablo, which was very emotional and interesting and deeply troubling i’m sure for the writers, we got to plumb the depths of the.. Tiva of it all, and.. so that had obviously an effect on everybody as we were shooting, it was very intense and there was lot of emotion and then all of a sudden we had an empty desk..”

Michael, Mark, Gary, Scott and Gina interviews - Part of the "Game Change" special feature.

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Michael Weatherly, Gina Lucita Monreal, Scott Williams & James Whitmore Jr. commentary on the airport scene in PPF