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You can’t really throw a camera on Mark Harmon and have anyone believe he’s not in charge. He fixes you with the stare. I look more like I’m negotiating with a mechanic to get my car back. And Mark looks like he’s staring at his 16-year-old daughter’s date on prom night. He just looks like an angry father with a rifle. And I look like a veterinarian on his first day trying to put down a dog. I just look slightly ill, scared, and out of my league.
- Michael Weatherly, “Bounce” Commentary

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I’m a little mystified right now by bringing poor Gibbs into this campfire circle. Because you’re not going to win when you bring Mark Harmon into the circle of truth. It’s like bringing a God into a field of battle. You know, we’re just mortals and he fights like he’s in that movie 300. 
- Michael Weatherly, “Bounce” Commentary

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This is earnest Tony, like “Ernest Goes to Camp”, this is Earnest Goes to Tony. - Michael Weatherly, “Bounce” Commentary

I still don’t understand the whole donut thing at work. What do they think I am? Made out of steel? I’m going to be able to walk by the table with all the cookies on it and because I’m made of special stuff I’m not going to be tempted? Come on….  
- Michael Weatherly, “Bounce” Commentary

She was pretty, the girl working behind the counter. I couldn’t get any traction there, not an iota of traction. She was giving me the frosty freeze. And I was working all my unctuous charm…look I’m sickened. I get nothing. Tried calling her names, I pulled her hair, I made fun of her. Nothing. It was so much easier in elementary school.
- Michael Weatherly, “Bounce” Commentary

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The only person that really has killing authority is Mark Harmon, even though we all shoot people. Mark Harmon is the only one who’s allowed to do it without any, you know, fallout or judgement or anything. He’ll shoot a transvestite. In the head. In a crowded bar. And it’s like, yep, that happened. Next?    - Michael Weatherly, “Bounce” Commentary

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We have a dynamic in this squad room. Gibbs likes to walk in, surprise us, after we’ve established that we’re behaving like…..children. Then Dad comes in, we all seek his approval, Dad being Mark Harmon’s Gibbs. Those stunning blue eyes boring into the very essence of your being. 
- Michael Weatherly, “Bounce” Commentary