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NCIS S11E24 - Honor Thy Father

Gibbs can stare you from anywhere…

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|| 11x23 “The Admiral’s Daughter”

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Jimmy: The mom decided that, uh…she’s gonna keep him. Abby.

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I feel like I can’t breathe. I’ve never felt this bad in my life, Gibbs.


Jimmy, why aren’t you at the hospital?


We are loved we are one
We are how we treat each other
when the day is done

No, you listen. You know what’s infectious during the holidays? Optimism.
Optimism is infectious. Optimism and…joy…joy and-and… - Kindness. - Courtesy. - And charity. -  Generosity. - And gratitude. - Selflessness. - Compassion. - Forgiveness. - Oh, forgiveness is huge. [..] And faith, Jimmy. Faith. Faith is infectious.

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NCIS - Ep. 11x08 “Alibi” (3)

NCIS - Ep. 11x08 “Alibi” (3)